And here comes an end to another week. How rapidly time flies, it’s already more than half the year gone by and yet there’s so much left to achieve, so much to do before December.

Off late I’ve been trying to meet several people, mainly because that’s part of my job, meeting people and talking about business. Funny thing is I don’t get to meet most of them, not because there’s no point or I don’t make an effort, it’s because they’re not available. All of a sudden, on the very day when you have an appointment set up after a long time, everyone’s busy and not available even for taking a call. No updates, nothing. And when you call up several times, probably the only time you would get an answer is late in the evening, or maybe after a few days.

I know people are quite busy, and nobody waits for anyone. But then it’s only here that we run around to attend to sudden commitments, be it at work or at home. No preparation, no planning, no foresight as to what would be required. Its okay to delay certain things if you know they won’t be much of a bother till some time, but there are certain things that we know for a fact that will keep us at the edge of our seat till its finished, the sooner the better, the lesser the hassles and accountability later.

Anyway, I guess that’s just part of life. Sometimes you wait for something to happen, other times other things wait for you to get ready and make a move. Opportunity knocks, and I strongly believe it does several times, it is our response time that really matters. 


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