whats the new…

August was a turn in my life once again. Moving through quite some changes in the type of work I have been doing, now I’m back to what I was about 3 years ago. Well not exactly, but close.

The last 2-3 years have been mostly to do with marketing and sales. Although interesting it is, but somehow never appealed to me. I know many people who make a lot of money, and I was offered the opportunity to do the same. Again, it never did appeal to me. I prefer adding more value to other areas, similar to what I am doing now.

I have joined again in an outsourcing function, heading the unit this time. I like this part. It’s to do with client servicing for an online supply chain management solution. Something new, with the ability to utilize experience. Great!

3 weeks done now, and we’re heading toward Ramadan soon. The biggest challenge would be to meet the required time schedule agreed with the client in the US. And not to forget, it’s a new experience for all of us… and I have a team to build 🙂 lots to do…


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