Political Chaos

Our people have lost all sense of decency and reason to care for each other. This, a fact so real that it scares the living daylights of many, is the turn towards the age before knowledge or reason.

In the year 2007, we have already witnessed the worst form of hypocrisy and injustice in our country, and most importantly, in our very own city of Karachi. From the deliberate collapse of security and well-being on 12 May, to the horrendous and again deliberate bomb blasts on 18 October, people who pose as the ruling elite of the country and cities have proved themselves the worst of humankind.

No matter what anybody says, I have one thing to say, and stand firm on this. The 12 May massacre was created by the ruling parties to show their might, and to turn Karachi into a battlefield. Several people lost their lives, and even more families lost their dear ones.

If that wasn’t enough, one thick-headed politician comes up and acts with utter irresponsibility and absolutely no regard to the people that she claims to support, lands in the city, has a mass-gathering of people, has a long procession despite requests to avoid it, ends up killing more than 150 people in the heart of the city, thanks to the so-called suicide bomb.

That politician, like every other politician that this country has faced, isn’t worth any support from the people, and neither should be pardoned.

I pray that the country prospers the way our forefathers and founders of this country had wished. God help our country.


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