long time…

And here I am, after a long time, enough to have my domain expire!

I’ve been terribly busy for the last month or so, more to do with the volume of work, and add the burden of exams that were just around the corner. So thankfully those went ok. Now coming back to the work bit, we’ve moved into the 24x7x365 structure. In a way this sets quite a standard for me, but a pain to start off with.

First off, I’m doing the overnight shift, and before that I end up training some of the new people who will be joining early January. A straight 12 hours, without allowance for discounting on the clock. And if I have a meeting someday, then that means I be back at the office at around 2pm, then possibly sneak back home, that again is a good 30 minutes ride one-way.

There are quite a few developments, some very painful, as I’ve lost a very important team member, and unfortunately many of the team members seem to have lost confidence in me. Being in the overnight shift itself has been quite strenuous, managing only 3-4 hours of sleep in a day, too bad I’m not a day-sleeper. Have a meeting scheduled in about 8 hours from now, I’ll be coming back to office for that, I hope after I get a good enough sleep today.

New things coming up too, just had a chat with my boss, who has a lot of confidence in me, thankfully. I hope it works out well… I’m more concerned about my current project, which in itself is a major milestone, being the first of a kind project on a personal level that I have had the opportunity to lead.

Anyway, time for Fajr prayers… its almost 6am now.



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