what a week-end

I wrote my previous post before I left for home, that being Thursday, 27 December. That day marked some important events, such that were personally gratifying for me, and also the one of the most terrifying for the whole country.

I mentioned in my previous post that I was facing quite a few challenges, which were something that I myself chose to take on initially. I’m glad they turned out quite well. Though I had to return to the office for a conference call at 3pm (I had returned from the night shift at 8.30am), there was a lot of confidence building exercise from my boss for the whole team, telling them that how hard I had worked to keep in setting up this operation, which was again a first for me, in my list of firsts. This list comprises of so many things I had taken over for the first time in my life, and yet made it a success story.

He thanked me and asked the team to thank me as I had hired them as the best of the people I could to make the team dynamic and successful. That’s something really great happening. In all the exercise, I had to manage and balance two sides, locally and with our clients. A tough task, but thankfully it’s been working out quite well. Now I’m on to a new project, and a gradual exit from the existing project.

What happened on Thursday evening was highly deplorable. I don’t have any political affiliations and neither favour any particular politician in this country, mostly because they have themselves brought disrepute to themselves and their country. But in this event, my colleagues and I had to stay at the office for 2 nights, and reached home at 6am on Saturday morning. The team coordinated very well throughout this situation, some at home, logging in and helping each other out … and now this weekend has managed to give us some break.

I hope that the new week doesn’t go the way the last few days have. These people who had created so much chaos, I am sure were not associated with the affected party, or the most popular party in Karachi. These were outsiders, perhaps the people who always hold themselves as the most oppressed, and those that engage in robbery and harassment of people everyday.

May this country, and especially our city, return to peace and prosperity, and cannot be abused by such criminals. Hoping for the best, for everyone.


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