Over the last few weeks I’ve been terribly kept up with work, and barely any time to spare for myself. Unfortunately, that had many downsides, most importantly the quality time I used to spend with family and friends was practically gone. No wonder people I know were lamenting and complaining, but there wasn’t much I could do, except take the necessary steps to resolve these issues asap.

This is I did, but it takes time if you are dependent on some key factors, and without which you have to take on most of the brunt. In my case, this meant working practically 20 hours a day. I was working night shifts, and often had to go early to work again the next day for a meeting or training. Not to forget the agony that I had to face doing 5 straight shifts (including my 2 shifts) when that politician got killed. I was working from home over the weekend and also the days to follow. So practically I had lost my own life till this weekend. I managed to finally get away from it all, as I had new projects in line, and were to start off from this week. Thankfully, it worked, and I am now properly working during day time, and only a minor part to play in the recently concluded project. Concluded for me, but otherwise it’ll run for as long as it can, perhaps years.

So yes, I’m back to myself, or at least getting back at it. I get to wake up early, work early, and hopefully leave home early too (you know what I mean). And I’m relaxed, that’s the best part. Have lots to do, interesting things I must add. Let’s see how it goes.

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