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I’ve been going on and off around my blog these days, thinking what should go in and what should not. To be honest, over the past few months I haven’t done much of thinking. Yet, that’s exactly what I do at work… a whole lot of thinking and taking some action.

My work has now become somewhat stable. Had a bad episode of going through night shifts for a whole month, and before that a month of evening shifts. Heading a new business unit is surely not easy, and mine wasn’t the least of it. I was practically working over 18 hours a day, to cut it short.

Mid January, I returned to doing a sane day job, with occasional late sittings for conference calls, meetings and stuff like that. Rarely has it been that I have any work pending till the evening; rather till I wait for the calls or meetings, I get some of the oncoming work out of the way.

I now have a few very critical projects on hand. My part of the team effort is to cover for the  business side, and helping out the tech guys to do their job better. As part of this, I end up doing a few more thing that automatically have become part of my new portfolio, which I’d summarize as:

  • project management – business development and customer service perspective
  • develop and implement structured process management
  • business development and marketing
  • management representative and appraiser for quality management

This is just the gist of it, a whole of other things go into this mix, and its quite time consuming, and takes up a whole lot of effort too. Of course, being positive is the key, and I do know how to make things happen, thankfully 🙂

My boss had asked me to read Good To Great, by Jim Collins. I’ve managed to read through the first 2 chapters till now, but I assure you, it is an interesting read. Jim talks about the key factors for turning around a company from a mediocre position to a great company, owing to consistent and unwavering efforts by the key management personnel. I barely read any books, and if I am reading this one, its certainly worth your time too.

Lately I’ve also been experimenting with some blog themes. Unfortunately, this web hosting service is running out of updates, so I can’t do much on it. But, that doesn’t stop me. I’m keenly looking for other opportunities to explore what more I am capable of. Not that I’m up for a new job or anything, but something I’d like to do in my pass time, but something creative and worth the effort.

Had a chat with a few friends, and I’m now getting myself ready to accommodate more time for myself and the other leisurely activity. Let’s see what it turns out to be, or not…

I haven’t been doing much on Facebook or Orkut lately; am not much fond of it anymore. Though most people have actually used the Facebook avenue to generate new business, all thanks to the host of social networking features it allows ordinary users to add and use relentlessly. I don’t, and usually end up deleting all the new requests that keep coming up. Somehow, I just don’t like them; I’m even thinking just getting off it for good, actually Orkut too… That reminds me, Google has been saying it has something new up for Orkut coming soon. I’m staying on both of these just to see where is this social networking actually heading.

More later… thinking of a review to write…


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