The most inevitable and constant element of life, and at a time I used to be one that adapted to change so readily and effectively, now I feel that I lack the ability to do so. There are many reasons for my attitude, which has become far more emotionally damaged than has been before.

There are a few things I need to change within me. I used to be very determined with my decisions, but I guess there comes a time when these decisions are not such that can be wholly your own, even if others don’t really matter, yet they do, because they are one of the elements that enable the change.

I have been hiding away my own self for quite some time, and it seems apparent now that it was the most wrong thing to do. I didn’t intend to, but when a person is at some fault, its hard to see them when a person has tried his best (or at least believes to have) to achieve an objective. I know it was wrong, I did wrong, and I was seriously very wrong. And now I feel I have absolutely nothing to prevent it.

Someone believed in me so much. That person said his/her life was owed to me, that I have done so much for that person. But now things have changed for the worse. That person, who meant everything to me, does not believe in me any more. And this is all because of my inability to make the change that was so much needed.

I am now determined to change it all, in my favour. I’m aligning my priorities to meet my objectives, one by one. And there’s the most important and vital objective, that I’m holding on to for a little while longer, as some of the elements of change rely on me till then. In the mean time, I’m gathering my ammo for furtherence of my objectives. Then I can take charge very effectively.

On with my march, to the future, for the better, Insha Allah. Hoping that the faith the person had in me can be restored, and bring peace and harmony between us.


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