Dogs will be dogs!

Its been a series of rising costs of living for the last 6-8 months, ever since this menace of politics has resurfaced our dear homeland. Yes, it is a menace of magnanimous proportions, and it only fuels and supports the waderas and jaagirdars, the maniacal fuedals of this poor country.

The fuedals were a creation of the British, when they ruled this piece of land pre-1947. They deliberately did this to subjugate the common man, keeping him silent, because if they revolted, it was the end of their business within they region.

And the fuedals today are worse. The party in power at the moment is one such fuedal party, clearly and so glaringly supporting just the views and opinions and pockets of those of their kind. Today, every item which adds to the cost of living is inflated. There has never been such a high rate of inflation in the last 30 years, and that too exceeding the annual inflation rates by more than two times within just the month of May-June 2008! What’s worse, we have over 50% inflation within the last 6 months alone! Today the announcement of a much expected yet shocking news, the price of CNG has shot up to Rs 51 per kg! Where the hell are we heading? Can someone answer this?

The PPP and all other political parties, are a bunch of pirates of the worst kind. They people rob the very people that put them in this seat today, in broad daylight. Worse, they make sure the poor people suffer a life of utter misery while they keep building your palaces of gold, which has streaks of the blood of those whom they have brought to death! Bloody murderers! And I say this very clearly, Dogs will be DOGS!

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