One should stand by his/her principles, this is my firm belief. But there are occasional and sometimes very constricting situations that lead to compromise of these principles.

I believe in the basic principles of human rights, and I believe very strongly in focusing on those elements that I personally believe should be accepted by all. Fortunately, these are not opposing the basic and complex principles of my faith. Conversely, most of them contrast sharply with the norms adopted by society at large, which have been conveniently accepted by the large masses as best practice. Hence breaking away from this is quite difficult, and at times, risking one’s own life.

What should a person do in this situation? Should one risk it all, to make oneself satisfied? Or should there be a role for compromise, and if so, what should be compromised, and what should not? There is always a fine line between abiding by principles and being selfish. This line dodges the perceptions of all those affected by decisions made based on the principles.


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