The biggest challenge…

I am lost. It has been almost 4 weeks now that she’s left me, and each day has been worse that the previous. Not only am I getting physically weak, but also psychologically unstable. And to top this, I owe it all to my own doing. Rightly said, “What you sow, so shall you reap”.

I had been trying to convince my parents repeatedly to consider my choice, but they have repeatedly refused every effort of mine, each time being harsher than before. So much that it seems they are okay if I don’t ever get married. And it’s not just because it’s their own wish to get me married off to whom they want, rather a matter of social customs. I often what social customs are these that disallow a person to exercise his/her own right, to impact directly on his/her own life.

I mean, let’s face it, how can someone who is not even going to impact your life in any way for the future be in a position to administer how your life is going to move forward, or enforce a decision on you? I’m talking about social customs, not about parents. When it comes to parents, yes, they are direct stakeholders of any decision taken. Unfortunately, in our society, when something happens against or skewed from the norm, it’s the people at large who create a mess, be it the direct stakeholders not even affected.

The stakeholder theories come to play here. After all, they are based on real situations, as organizations which try to balance their act in a society, which has direct and indirect stakeholders. There are various models that have been applied over history to determine what would be the ideal scenario to meet or satisfy stakeholder expectations. Yes, satisfaction is the key word here, not make them happy. Why? Because that’s the stake they have, and not all share the same stake, be it direct or indirect. Therefore, I believe I should be applying the same, except that my parents either don’t agree, or don’t want to agree.

An endless battle to find the right path, to identify the rightful approach to settle a conflict that is so near and dear to the heart, and mind. Alas! If only life was a wee bit easier. But then challenges wouldn’t be there to overcome, and history wouldn’t recall a few who have given this world the gifts of what is being reaped now. Going back, I am the only one who can make the most and major difference in my life. Hence I shall do so…!

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