a walk in the park

Today I went to the Ibn-e-Qasim Park, located at Clifton Beach. I went with my family, and they had not been there at all since it was constructed. The walk constantly reminded me of the most wonderful and blissful time in my life.

Every moment reminded me of her, her laughter, her love, her extraordinary smiles (Masha Allah). The walk, hand in hand, with the hope that one day we’d be together.

The last time we were here, she had a feeling in her heart that we wouldn’t be together. She had her valid reasons, and I couldn’t disagree, nor do I now.

We watched the sunset each time, wishing for the day when we’d be able to see the sunrise together. I called her my sunshine, bringing so much light in my life, each moment the most beautiful.

I will have her in my memories always… she’s a part of me that cannot be erased, ever. She’s like a tattoo, on my heart.


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