The new phone

I purchased the Nokia E51 recently, and it is a superb phone for the price that it can be bought. Unfortunately, my beloved Sony Ericsson W810i had started malfunctioning and automatically restaring for the last month or so. Though the frequency was not too high, but it restarted at least 2-3 times a week. For some, considering it wasn’t a Symbian phone, it would be quite high. But I could live with that.

What disappointed me was that despite getting it fixed (somewhat) at the Saddar Mobile Market, it started showing signs of getting worse than it was before. So there’s no other choice now to either pay a good price and get it fixed and sell it off, or just sell it off and the purchaser takes up the risk of repairing it.

I prefer the latter, because then at least I know I wouldn’t have to risk a dish out cash when there is not much of an expectation of returns on it.

I think in a week or so I’ll put out a review of the Nokia E51. Just to start off, it may not have a very good 2MP camera, but the other features certainly give it good points for matching up to the features of a full business phone, less the qwerty keyboard.


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