Job Fair 2008

I was recently asked to write a review on the Job Fair 2008, which was held in May early this year. So I thought it would be a good idea to start off with something along the lines of proper reviews to be posted on my blog, regularly. At least I can try my best. Here goes this one… And just for the record, this is my personal view.

Review of Job Fair 2008

Held in May, it was probably the right time to hold such an event, as many new potential recruits were available after their exams or were on early summer vacations, and also being a Sunday, ideal for already employed people to visit and get a taste of various opportunities available.

There were 3 types of visitors to the event:
1. Registered Visitors (allowed after 2pm)
2. Invited Visitors (all day visit)
3. Invited based on scheduled interviews (scheduled visit)

Though the confirmation email sent to visitors made it clear the time that they had to arrive, yet there were several Registered Visitors who had shown up earlier in the day as well. It also turned out that though they were segregated at entry, they would occasionally slip in from the waiting area outside the hall. I had noted a few get in myself, and it was probably due to the rush that was being created. However, in my opinion, this wouldn’t have been the mass of people trying to get in during the wrong time slot.

This was probably the best, considering it was right in the middle of the city. One hall was rented out for the event, in which the participating employers had taken up their stalls.

What did disappoint me was that all the stalls were lined up at the front half of the hall, the other half was fully vacant, and was a complete waste. The food stalls (just 2 of them actually) were positioned at the elevated area of the hall.

Space Allocation
In my opinion, the unused half of the hall could have been efficiently used for training sessions/workshops, interviewing areas (rather than hold them within the stalls), and career counseling. Just a thought though, so far I haven’t seen any conferences on HR management or skill development. Since has a major standing with many organizations, I believe it would be useful to conduct such workshops or conferences that would benefit the masses and also help in expanding upon research areas for HR specialization and improvement of quality resources for various organizations, and the future.

Furthermore, like I mentioned above, the interviews were taken within the stalls of potential employers. This was not a good practice, and there should have been an exclusive area for this. Apparently, with media companies being part of the employers’ list, there was a lot of noise and unnecessary rush throughout the path. Either the loud and attention seeking activities should have taken place away from the serious part of the hall, or should not have happened. I’d go for the former, because it cannot be denied that they also need to hire, and it is their right to be properly publicized at such events.

Using Technology
Using a bit of technology in this area could have helped. For example, I noted that cell phone signals were quite good in the entire hall. It would have been useful to potentially use one of the contributing employers network capability to seek prospect numbers, and enlist them for interviewing, and also show them the way where they need to go for their interviews (for those who were Invited, and could have been good prospects). An SMS based notification of the time, desk and interviewer’s name should be included, thus creating the direct impact needed. The interviews would be taken at the vacant area, where several small 2 sided desks and 2 chairs would be located, with the ability to take the interviews conveniently.

The enlistment of interviews could have been through SMS as well, where the visitor could, on request, send an SMS on request to a designated short number. The CV of this candidate could be sent to the interviewers at regular intervals, thus allowing sufficient time for planning of desk allocation, and getting the interviewee prepared. The stalls would also serve as reporting areas for potential interviewees.

Eateries and Snack Bars
There was absolutely no use for such a small snack bar. With the ability of to leverage greater audience, there should have been a better dining area for potential candidates, who were also waiting for their interviews, or to meet various prospective employers. However, if this is a 1-day event, it may not hold much of a prospect for sponsoring restaurants and stalls. But at least some variety would have been great. Apparently most of the food was cold and over priced too.

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