Here comes Ramadan

Here comes the Holy Month of Ramadan, in which the Almighty Allah showers His Blessings and Mercy on all of mankind. Mind you, it is not just the Muslims who gain the most benefit, but the invitation is open to all who wish to seek the most benefit of the Lord’s Blessings.

I hope and pray, that this time around, most of us gain the most from this Blessing. We never know if we will live till the next year, when Ramadan comes again with its wonderful feeling and bliss. It is only now that we can do our best, not waiting for things to happen in the future.

It is with this feeling of humility, that I pray to Allah that He forgives me of all the sins that I have committed in my life, for the pain I’ve caused to those that I love, and that I try to be the one who can actually do what he promises, and be worthy of His Blessings, in this world and the hereafter.



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