moving on

Alhamdulillah, I’m moving on now. I have cordially resigned from my current employer, and shall be serving my notice period till the month end. Middle of next month, I’ll be moving to my new office, with a new vision in mind, and a sense of enthusiasm at heart. 

When a person leaves an organization, there is at times a vacuum left behind. In my case, I’d say there will be, and it has been the case everywhere I’ve worked. My honest view is to make sure that the time invested at each place counts towards your entreprenuership aptitude. That’s how I work, and it gives me pleasure to say, I have done my bit, with diligence and responsibility.

Of course, no one leaves any organization or the people unless there is something at heart making them move in that direction. At times, it is just monetary needs, and in these days of ridiculous inflation, it becomes the primary objective for quite a number. In my case though, Alhamdulillah I can say that it is never that, but yes, it remains among the top priorities. The actual top priority aspect is if I’m achieving what my heart desires, and my mind is at peace, and ultimately if I do feel happy or not.

So yes, I am happy that I am moving on… as I believe the search for excellence never ceases, and it never should. That’s my objective – keep learning, enrich your experience, make the most of everything.

Looking forward to a great future ahead… Insha Allah.



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