Moving out is an experience in itself. Currently I’m in the transition phase, handing over my projects to other people within the company, and finishing off my engagements with clients.

Today, I finally got my remaining leaves calculated and approved. So now I’ll be officially off from next week onwards. Not much work remaining for me either, and mostly I just relax and maintain coordination. I have set Friday’s aside for time spend with my new employer, for a couple of hours. I had requested a few sessions prior to joining them to align myself with their work patterns and expectations.

Most of my current colleagues now know that I am leaving. Each time I disclosed this news, I got a surprised look back at me. Asking me all sorts of questions, including where I’d be joining. This question, by default, has not been answered, as I just want to maintain that level of discretion till I join my new employer.

Its basically being a bit safe, in case some one here has a thing against the new place 😛

Oh well… Ramadan is going fine, though the recent heat wave has just raised the level of anxiety for everyone, being doubled by the ridiculous power outages for almost half the day (and night).

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