And here comes the end of my tenure with Arpatech. I’ve spent a good 14 months here, with a progressive and positive approach throughout, at times things getting really rough and unbearable. Yet, time goes on, and things change, and they did. Some for the better, some worse off.

I started at Arpatech with the objective of setting up a customer support center for our client, GlobalServe, Inc., which operates out of New York. In simple terms it can be called a call center, but some people find it really disturbing to be told they are working at a call center. For some reason, they just can’t fathom the idea that a call center is not something unethical, and it serves more purpose today that it ever did, moving from just call handling to complete interaction management.

While working at ZRG previously, I had the opportunity of actually being engaged in putting forward solutions for call centers, and upgrading them all the way to complete contact management centers. Clearly, a call center is just an understatement now, it is much more than that very set of two words. Unfortunately though, when you reach out to PTCL or any other data service provider, or PSEB or PASHA, it is still called a call center, for record purposes.

Anyhow, after completing the target period of set up and streamlining the performance of this strategic business unit under 6 months, I finally moved to Project Management. Interestingly, I had actually applied for Business Development 😛 But I did have a good experience of Project Management with InfiniLogic, ZRG and now with Arpatech too. This continued till the end, however I was also entrusted the role of maintaining busness relationships with all our clients, that of course is core Business Development and Management. Then there was also the added responsibility for infrastructure management for the company, where I had to take on the task of streamlining the whole department, and introducing some system into it.

The sad part is, that despite trying my best, there were some inherent issues with the overall management and leadership of the company, which I could not fix. Understanding the fact that leadership comes from the top, it never did, whereas there was a lot of effort from below, to move some creativity upwards.

Sorry to say this, but it failed miserably, and will keep failing. The simplest reason being that you need to understand how an organization or people actually relate and link with each other. It is not possible to assume that things will move smoothly even though there is no direction provided, and even after that, things are micro-managed.

Anyhow, so I’m on leave these days, availing them till the end. Next week, from 13th of October, I’ll be with Creative Chaos. I foresee this as a great opportunity, and look forward to make a difference for them, and vice versa. Insha Allah.


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