Back to Business

Yup, Monday I’ll be back to work at… and surely this time it’ll be back in the main business development and relations management arena, which I am truly fond of.

Most people, including my former colleagues (past and recent), ask why did I not pursue my finance career, as it would have been well aligned with my qualification too. The only answer I have is that I might actually be going back, but for now I prefer to explore of what the world has to offer, and what I can offer it back. And why not, with an inquisitive and adventurous mind, things can be as magnificent and grand as one imagines it to be.

Hence, I choose to explore. Though this is not where the buck stops. I am already in process of forging partnerships to set up and work together as an open-ended consultation services. More on that later.

Lots to do, times-a-changing…


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