Gmail's upgrade

Yup, this is what is best about Gmail and the rest of the Google team. A consistent set of updates to all their products, especially covering the mobile and mail landscape are more than welcome.

Last night (for us in Pakistan) the Gmail team released the new video and voice chat feature to Gmail Chat… yes, you read that right… to Gmail Chat, not the installed application of Google Talk.

All you need is to install a plugin to your browser and you’re all set to go. And probably you may recall that Group Chat feature is till now only available in Gmail Chat, and not in Google Talk.


As it is I’ve been using Gmail so dedicatedly since I’ve got my account, it seems I’m in for some real fun and playing around with the features… Though I wonder how many readers have used any of the features offered through Google Labs. I know I run around half of the offered gadgets 🙂

On another note, my use of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail has reduced ridiculously… I probably check those email addresses after a fortnight usually… 🙂


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