What the HELL!

I don’t know if I should speculate, or even consider this as any positive move. Sheikh Rasheed has been called up on TV a few times recently, and he’s been very blunt about all that is going on, especially the fact that the ruling party is not the same as it used to be, the roots not being there… this being something else…

Question is, whom to believe. In the recent turn of events, that is since the so-called democratic parties have come to power, life is hell for the common man. It is a fact that all these politicians are nothing but leeches, feeding on the blood and the very necessities of the common man. When the public elects someone, they expect good governance, and the overall well-being of the nation and its people. It is very sad to see that these politicians only think about making themselves rich, and nothing but that. And the common man can go to hell.

Last night in a program representatives of 3 political parties were discussing the state of the nation. PPP, PML-N and PML-Q, all have a say in this. Of course, and as always, PPP has only one stand.. give us the 5 year period that we have been elected for, and we will surely do something. BULL SHIT! If you had the intention, you would have gotten down to business from the very minute you came to office! That is, IF you were intending for that… And worse off… recently the PM in a public speech challenged that if there is anyone who can run this country better than me, I’ll step down. And this representative in the program, goes on to say, well we have to see if he said that just on the fly, or from his heart!

What the HELL! Are you ridiculing the people? Since the day the PPP has come to power, there have been terrible miscommitments and errors in their speeches that really make them look stupid. Oh by the way, even the President isn’t good enough. In fact, everyone knows he is the most corrupt and the most disgusting person in the world!

Till last year he had declared himself insane in the courts of law, and now he’s the president of the entire country! Worse, he goes up at the Interfaith Conference and says he can play a part in making this world a better place! YEAH RIGHT! After looting and plundering the entire country, and not even bringing back what he stole from us over the years, he expects us to believe that he can do good! One hell of a scoundrel! He deserves nothing but corporal punishment! To be tortured till death comes on him! And yes, that goes for all the politicians! I’ve had enough of them! I want my country, my home, to be peaceful and a place we can all cherish and honour as our HOME.


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