hectic week

Its been a very hectic and busy week, now back to the weekend. And hopefully it won’t be too busy over these last 2 days. Throughout the week, I’ve been mostly coming home after 10pm, and then back to work at around 10am (by the way, that’s the time I usually end up at work, unless of course I have a meeting scheduled).

From presentations to preparing various proposals, there’s been a heap of things that are still piled up, and I’m looking forward to having those out of the way first thing Monday morning. How? I just don’t have a clue 🙂

I’ve been planning to do a major improvement for my blog, but so far the design team has been completely swamped with loads of work. More so because most of them will be availing their leaves before the year end. Well, enjoy the holidays…. for me, at work, as most of my team too will be out on leave…. 

Anyway, so its my blog that I have to do something about. And that also reminds me my domain will be expiring in about a month. Better get that sorted too…


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