teaching and learning

Teaching isn’t anybody’s job I must tell you that. And the right minded person can teach best… and should only stick to what s/he knows best. I guess that defines the quality of teaching too, not knowing something and lifting off a book is under no circumstances a wise approach.

Hence I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t take up teaching professionally. So far, I’ve kept my own word, and I intend to do so for long. My problem was that people are not ready to be taught concepts, they prefer the words on a book that they can rip off and print on the exam sheets.

Though I must say that off and on, I do encounter people who are fond of learning new things, and although my experience is insufficient, I do tend to pass on what I have learnt, and I feel that others could use to their benefit. That’s what we should all be doing, passing on our experiences to those who would cherish it and make worthwhile decisions in their lives.

But the wish to learn and to know more is not limited to the young. The older people, I’m referring to whoever are older than I am, are also keen on learning new things. Today, I had the opportunity to discuss what Project Management is all about. This was with a former colleague of mine who works at GlobalServe, Inc. She’s also a really good friend too, and we chat quite regularly too. The best part is that there was an urge to understand. And it all started from a simple conversation of what I used to do while working at my previous company, my roles and the ideas I had in mind.

Fact is, you will always come across someone who literally yearns to know more than s/he does right now. And the knowledge best acquired is the one that can be useful to oneself, and at least equally beneficial to others. Knowledge transfer is what we should all believe in very strongly, and should never shy away from it. Teaching is an art, and I’m certainly no teacher. But I believe in handing over information in a way that can be understood best by the receiver, who then would go ahead and make good use of it.

The cycle thus continues.

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