Blogger Meet up 2008 (Karachi)

Among all the prevailing issues of power failures, gas shortages, Eid preparations and a bit of rain, today the Karachi Bloggers meet up was held at the Royal Rodale Club earlier today (6 December 2008).

The event, in my opinion, was quite a success. A casual atmosphere with a lot of information flowing throughout, I’d say it was something we all wanted to have. Flowing from the core focus area of blogging, there were several issues and aspects of online presence and social networking and above all, probably the most important in my view, social responsibility. We also talked about how money making can be a major player in motivation for bloggers, and how effectively it can mean business to a lot of serious bloggers, which was quite an interesting discussion.

Social responsibility, which as I mentioned above, is very important to me. It is easy to say that companies should act responsibly when being part of a society, but do we ourselves do the same? Do we watch what we say before we say it, or just blurt it out without the least thought of what the other will think? Such is the unfortunate of our “so called” responsible electronic media.

Almost all these TV and Radio channels were given the freedom to do what they want, except to ensure that they act in the best interest of the country. The only rule was to ensure that good faith prevails, decency and the culture of our country be the top most priority when it comes to managing their affairs. Too bad, nothing of that sort has happened. Worse, they only care for the money they mint. There is no sense of morality or good faith whatsoever.

Unfortunately, some blogs have taken that shape too, and it is now important for people to realise that we can’t make the same mistake again. Too much damage has been done, and we cannot afford that our very intellectuals are branded as misusing their position. In good faith and with the intention to protect morality and decency we must act, and maintain a good balance in communicating information, ensuring that everyone reading it gathers the fact that it is an opinion. On the flipside, people too have to realise that personal opinions should be respected, and not be targeted as an attack of the reader’s beliefs. A blog should first be considered as a personal initiative and will obviously contain personal opinions, and cannot and should not be misconstrued in any way.

The rest is up to the good understanding of the audience, who will then identify what they prefer reading, or not. Accordingly, page views and rankings would obviously be rising or falling based on the itnerests and how long people stay on the blog. The rest is obviously another session, so I’ll save it till then πŸ™‚


10 responses to “Blogger Meet up 2008 (Karachi)

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  2. With great power comes greater responsibility if WEB 2.0 allows you to publish stuff this easily then its our responsibility to blog with responsibility and dignity otherwise blogging will loose its authenticity people will stop reading blogs.

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