Ufone UrEdge service

I’m not sure if anyone has tried to find out about this service. Basically, what they’ve done is create bulk bandwidth package which you can subscribe, similar to your SMS bulk and voice bucket packages. But if you call up their service center, and ask them if there is anything technically better off for a user, if he’s buying in bulk, such as maybe a better bandwidth rate.

What they will tell you after a long hold is that you do get a better bandwidth through Edge service. What they continuously fail to understand is that if a subscriber is already using an Edge enabled handset, how much real difference in terms of quality or rate is he/she going to get. Problem, they have a written script and absolutely zero technical understanding of how to tackle this issue.

Now just to give you an idea as to why I’m asking this question, and some of you might find it ridiculous. You see, I’ve done this before with Mobilink, there was a specific bandwidth rate available when paid as per usage, but when I switched to the monthly bulk rate, I got a better bandwidth (on Indigo). I’ve also heard about the same thing from a few Warid users, who have switched to bulk bandwidth for a month. I just wanted to confirm if this actually applies in the same way for Ufone, but sadly, they just don’t get my question.

Maybe they should listen to the call recordings more often to see if a customer had actually asked about a service (by the way, they do enter relevant information into their CRM during the call), and if there is a conversion. If not, they should find out what the initial response was or how the query was managed. If there’s a problem, they should do whatever it takes to rectify the matter, and even call up the customer to give detailed information. Sadly, the concept of customer service doesn’t even occur to those who just want to mint money.

One response to “Ufone UrEdge service

  1. man 1.5 GB limit r u serious and they called it unlimited.It can expire in a day.we dont have to buy postpay.zong is also offering edge at the same rate but unlimited volume on prepay.It is the best.Ufone is the fuckest tthing ever……….

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