Eid Mubarak

Eid is expected to be a day of joy and happiness for all Muslims. This is a day of the promised Blessings of the Lord, which He bestows on His beings. And I must say, most of us do reap the benefits of this Wonderful Bounty that Allah sends upon us on Eid.

There are 2 Eid ceremonies in a Hijri Calendar, the Islamic Calendar followed by Muslims in the commemoration of the first migration or hijrah from Mecca to Medina by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace be upon him), and his followers. The first Eid celebration is marked by the close of the month of fasting and abstinence, Ramadhan. During this month Muslims tend to fast and also abstain from all wrongful deeds. The second Eid is celebrated at the end of the Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina by those who have had the opportunity to offer it towards the end of the Hijri Year.

The original concept of Eid is to celebrate and share the bounties of Allah with everyone. Most people do ensure that they pass on these gifts and their wealth to their fellow beings, especially to those who most deserve it. However, there are some select people who avoid this too. Well, I can’t comment on them much, but I do hope that we all turn towards the original concepts more strongly.

Islam is a welfare based system. Yes, you can call it a way of living, the target being to maintain the sense of piety and welfare for everyone. It does not allow even speaking aloud, it gives the message of simplicity, with the hope for the best rewards from Allah.

May this Eid bring us all closer, to each other and to Allah, such that we can do better for ourselves, each other, and for the whole world.



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