Okay, shows over, back to work

Yup, we get back to work tomorrow (Thursday), as the Eid holidays are over, after the marathon sacrifice in each area of the city, and the rest of the world wherever Muslims reside… this commemorating one of the key aspects of humankind, the ability to sacrifice what you care for the most, in favour of Allah.

Anyway, so tomorrow we’re back to work, and of course the crowd will be kind of lazy after a very long weekend. Now I understand that most people do work on Saturdays, so my apologies to them, as I’m in favour of having Saturdays and Sundays off 🙂 and of course, most of my conversations actually revolve around having a 5-day work week.

And of course, this means that we’re due for work only for 2 days during this week, and then continuing in the following week, properly. Most of my colleagues are already on leave, so they automatically have an extension lined up for themselves (yeah yeah, I know, I’m still on probation)…

I’ll be off to bed a bit early today, after having a relaxation time all week (yup, 5 continuous days) it’s a bit hard to get back to the work routine … 😀


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