Random Thoughts

The following is a contribution of a dear friend of mine, Beenish… found it quite interesting and asked her for permission if I could share it here.

There comes a time in a person’s life where he/she sits back and recalls their achievements and losses in life… of course that time comes a bit too much in my life 🙂

Sometimes when I am thinking on those pessimistic lines I wonder what is it that my life has that I would call absolute success? Now I am not trying to be unthankful at all .. but just wondering what exactly is success? Is it a good family? Religion? A MBA degree? Or a job that pays great.

So back in 9th grade success was being able to be with a group of best friends. When a call or birthday present from a friend would seem like the most precious thing in the world. These same friends become so distant after school, some busy in further education, some married, some shifted out of Pakistan. Life suddenly becomes larger than Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears… Everyone moves ahead, in the excitement of new things… bigger universities; in an effort to sound and look mature we leave behind the innocence and fun times behind…

Walking fast trying to catch up with the world, we forget to cherish and treasure the people we had once called our best friends. Months go by before calls are made or meetings are arranged. We learn the so called good things of practical life, selfishness, politics, and diplomacy in order to progress into the professional realism.

By the time we reach 25, we have sort of settled with the ever progressive world. We slow down and look back… where are the buddies? Where are those crazy friends who would sing dance and bunk school … the friends who would fight with enemies, who would be a part of the endless phone calls about the latest boy bands.. lost are all those simple beautiful things in life…

Occasionally you would cross someone in a shopping mall or a wedding and recall the wonderful memories… Oh how I miss those times whenever I meet a long lost friend…
It’s sad how we forget these friends, moments and move on, running after the things that attract us temporarily … from braces to lenses… from sneakers to stilettos… from movies to golf… from hide and seek to racing in politics…

I wish I could turn back time and relive those years once more, but I know those are just memories now…


3 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. words from ma heart,a feelin we all share and a bliss to turn back the time to spend it just once more with friends like u

  2. words from ma heart,a feelin we all share and a bliss to turn back the time to spend it just once more with friends like u

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