Where was I?

So I’ve gone through the disappearing spell again. Two things: one, I was too preoccupied with other things; and two, I had to much on my mind to get my thoughts straight. Though within this time period, I managed to squeeze out an article for CIO Pakistan’s February issue. For those who haven’t seen it, you can view the digital version here. Feel free to drop in your comments.

My engagements lately involve engaging my team to be what they are meant to be, business developers. Its a tough job in these times, but thankfully not so for those in the IT sector. I’ve said this before, and will say this again, there are always opportunities out there to be explored, no matter what the situation; the strategy may need to be tweaked at times to align with the objectives.

At the same time, I’m directly engaged in searching for business opportunities wherever I can. And the most interesting part is that we are researching and identifying product needs, and pitching them over to prospects and clients. That, I call progress. We’re not just coming with a way to sell existing services, we’re taking on what’s not there at all, and turning them into opportunties.

Recently I saw one of the programs on CIO Pakistan Web Studio, by Salman Ansari. He talked about the vast opportunity for going into the mobile application development area, which I completely agree on. That’s exactly where we’re going globally, one piece of real estate and personalization that beats all others. We as a company are also engaged in mobile applications development, and more so in the proprietary environment of Windows Mobile and BlackBerry, more so the latter, catering to pure business developers.

As for what’s coming up on my side, well I’ve recently acquired my self named domain name, MohammadNawaz.com, which I intend to use as a showcase for professional services, and sharing my experiences. What happens to MystaKool.com? It will remain an active blog for my ramblings and things I want to say or do on an adhoc basis. Figures, doesn’t it?

Coming up over the weekend is a review of the current postpaid pricing plans available in Pakistan from the mobile network service providers. Stay tuned for that over the weekend.


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