Online Presence

I’m in the process of creating a couple of websites, one is self named and the other is for my new business initiative

Problem is, I haven’t found a decent template to start with, where I can fit my content in directly, that goes for both websites though.

Here’s what I believe should be part of each website. The self titled website would focus on putting forward my professional profile, which provides an introduction as part of the homepage, and the remaining sections would be a detailed Experience Profile; Case Studies (or Stories, as I’d like to call it) would focus on some of the key projects and initiatives I’ve worked on, which would appear in a textual and downloadable format; a Blog element, which would revolve around any professional advice or articles that I write or have written previously; and of course a link to the other website and casual blog, which is (where you are right now). I also intend to add pictures, videos, presentations and my calendar, where people can see what my activities are.

The business website would focus on the professional services I would be providing, and highlighting the nature of the smart sourcing approach to business, and the variety and strength it brings. I also intend to focus on making this a blog structured website, as there are various elements I’d want to introduce from time to time. I intend to finally make it happen over the weekend, and Monday should see a new beginning, Insha Allah.


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