And another week…

And another week comes to an end … well for me its been off since the start of the month, though I’ve kept my busy with what I had mentioned in my previous post. Let’s see how that goes, and I look forward to releasing something credible and worth every visitor’s while to feel good about what can be done.

Anyway, things are moving somewhat steady, the move was complete last week, and hopefully over this weekend, whatever is left of the connect between us and the flat in Askari 4 will cease, as the complete handover will take place tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon. And this also brings to the close of April 2009… WOW! Another month gone by…

What I am rather uneased about is the growing tension in our country, and I’m more dismayed at the role of the current government in ensuring that its citizens and tax payers are protected, their properties inclusive. It seems that the ministers and all those who are at the head of state, are just living their own lives of utter luxury, while the average citizen dwells in misery. We, the citizens, earn a hard earned living and pay our dues in the form of taxes and levies, and what do we get in return? And it is these very government officials, who if you realize are the EMPLOYEES of the PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN, and NOT THE RULERS make life a living hell for all those are their very EMPLOYERS! The only might I see right is MONEY! Damn it! How dare any of these government officials be excused from following rules and regulations? Every day I see them all break traffic rules at the minimum, right in front of every single person on the street. And to top that, the police officials are standing by as if to protect them!

I feel like chasing them and giving them a piece of my mind, making sure I bash them up a few punches if they have the nerve to yell back! That is what is also the state of every other person I see. It is time, folks, to stand up to what is wrong. I don’t care who does wrong and for whoever’s convenience, it does NOT make things right! PERIOD!


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