Internship or Employment?

Okay, this really cracked me up, and of course I was mocking too!

Some of you may know that I haven’t been through a formal university program at all, and started working while I was studying for my ACCA. So, I never had an issue while choosing between getting a proper job, articleship or internship etc. And today (quite late I must say) that even while finishing your MBA, you MUST go through an internship for 8 weeks (or whatever the tenure is).

A friend of mine is going through this situation right now at CBM, and I asked her that if she’s having a tough time determining which company to join for internship, and since she’s considering a Marketing position, I’d recommend she get a full time job. And here’s where I realized that its a policy of all universities to go through internship, and having a job does not count for credit hours! Oh and guess what, Executive MBA program students get 6 credit hours less than regular program students too.

Call me whatever you want for being ignorant, but seriously tell me if I’m wrong that a desk job which is nothing more than a waste of time in most cases during internships is actually worth the credit hours, compared to not getting any credit if you get employed somewhere full time!

This is really, really beyond me. I’d call it a ridiculous excuse and ignorance if that’s how a University Board thinks! Any thoughts on this please?? I’d really appreciate it!


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