What are you doing?

The very simple question that Twitter starts off with, its the first question in mind when socializing. Its an amazing thing how social networks have evolved over the last few years, more than at any point of time, and I’m referring to Pakistan here.

The first time I came to know of a blog was by suggestion, as I used to write a lot and kept those files within emails or on my computer. Apparently, they never got shared, till I started writing articles for the company I worked with, which were published on their website and I also managed to publish them across to various other websites.

Hence, the blogging experience started, and with that the use of Orkut. I’m keeping the IM aspect out for now, because we were all using MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ anyway, but then Google came in with their simple and highly reliable email service, and then chat, and then its just been a chain of value add apps to keep the user attached. Quite successfully so too.

Over time, of course, I’ve made many converts out of my friends, who just wondered what and why do I blog, and then things started getting interesting for them too 🙂 But then its their personal preference anyway, as most don’t blog anymore, or if they do, its like a post in several months.

Okay, then we had Facebook, which has not just ripped apart the limits and gone ahead where no other social networking application has gone before (no its not the final frontier, yet), or at least that’s what I think. Look more closely, and you’ll see that it’s a mashup of several applications, and continues to be so as the user has the full command of what applications s/he wishes to install or not. It acts pretty much like an online Operating System, which has just one purpose, sharing your experience. If you look at it from another point of view, you might find Facebook to be akin to the iPhone and iPod Touch, where the OS allows several widgets to be added to your taste, except that this is completely online.

Now we use collaboration so extensively, most businesses use a remote collaborative approach to join hands and work together on specific projects or part of projects, resulting in mutual benefit and a greater level of interaction.

The world has become quite a small village, and social networks just ensure that we are all connected. I believe that these networks can be best utilized to connect the disconnected, and make them meet face to face and physically interact more often, which is somewhat missing at times, though not all the time.

Carrying the same essence, I’d like to start by saying, What are you doing? 🙂


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