Business Acceleration Program 2009, Karachi

Recently the Business Acceleration Program 2009 was held at the FAST City Campus, organized by the MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan. Dr Zaheer Syed, who is the Co-Chairman of the organization, presented the program, and Mr Azhar Rizvi was called on later during the Q&A session.

In the end, we had a chance to gather some views from those present at the event, and capture them on video. The video is part of an initiative to start gathering as much visual content available to promote all the positive elements of Pakistan.

Syed Talha Izhar introduces the event and talks about the online TV channel that will soon be launched to promote Pakistan.

Mr Azhar Rizvi, Vice Chairman of MIT-EF stresses the need for improved business planning, strategy building and specialisation

Dr Zaheed Syed, Co-Chairman of MIT-EF talks about the ongoing efforts to provide mentoring and support to Pakistani businesses and the need to focus more on benefit of Pakistan as a country and economy.

Mr Sajid Hameed talks about his visit to the event and how he feels regarding the efforts to promote businesses and provide mentoring and sharing experience.

Danish Qayoum shares his input on the event and how he plans to go forward and prepare to be among those who are awarded to participate in the mentoring program.

Fahad Khan shares his input on the event and how he plans to help his organization to participate in the mentoring program.

Hammad Qureshi talks about inducing positive thinking and how he has been doing so through his blog.

I thank everyone for their participation. Insha Allah very soon we should have enough content to go live with a scheduled online broadcast, for which everyone will be provided a link.

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