The Ramadan Effect

Here’s a comment that I posted on Beenish’s recent post, and thought I could start with this as a first for hopefully regular blogging from now on.

In the Middle East, which are so called preachers and actively obedient Muslims call non-Muslim states, there is always a large crowd of people going for prayers at each mosque, regardless of Ramadan. And during Ramadan, the crowds grow tremendously.

In the same countries, before Ramadan even starts all outlets cut down their prices, and declare further price cuts to come in Ramadan. Lo and behold, many items have a huge slash and large quantities of all necessities AND luxuries available everywhere… there is never a shortage. Why? Because they plan well.

Over there, in normal days even no one misbehaves with anyone else. In Ramadan, the moods of people soften so much more, giving you added comfort every time you talk to them. You will not be disappointed.

OK, forget that even. In non-Muslim countries, at holidays, people start sharing and giving, and prices drop like crazy, people’s moods change and become so much comforting and sincere.

And we claim ourselves us true Muslims, and we lose out on our very senses as soon as we start fasting! Why do we even take the effort to calling ourselves Muslims?

To become a Muslim, the first condition is to be a good Human. We degrade ourselves even lower than a Human… we come animals in the month when we are to gain maximum rewards for our good deeds in the holiest months of the Hijri Calendar.

How can we even expect Allah the Almighty to Bless us if our own deeds reflect our own hypocrisy? We are not even afraid to cheat ourselves, everyone else comes later.

It is a very sad state that we are in. We expect a lot from people, but don’t even want to live up to our very own promises, which other people’s opinions and decisions depend on.

I pray that we learn to be Humans, and also make us good, dutiful and God fearing Muslims. Remember everyone, Huqooq-ul-Ibaad (rights of fellow human beings) and Huqooq-Allah are both compulsory. In fact, Allah has clearly stated he can forgive his own rights, but he will not forgive us if we fall back on Huqooq-ul-Ibaad. Do we learn? Do we understand?

I wish we did.


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