660 million messages sent on Eid-ul-Fitr in Pakistan, 2009 – Acision

Yes, this is true. Apparently Acision’s messaging systems are used extensively across the globe for managing SMS traffic at the telecom operators’ end. The primary reason cited for such an enormous number is the low costs of sending messages across networks locally through bundles. There’s even more value that can be added to this, where one mobile operator has been offering MMS as part of the bundle, instead of just SMS. So subscribers can easily also share multimedia messages with ease within the same low, and at times virtually negligible cost, per message sent and received.

With over 58% of the population using mobile phones, which is about 95 million subscribers by the way, where a vast majority of people use simple handsets, SMS becomes a major communication medium as opposed to calls. In my opinion though, the numbers have increased from last year, but could have been higher if 2 operators had not resort to suspending bundles over Eid.

With SMS volumes continuing to increase year on year, Acision sees ample opportunities for operators to double SMS service revenues through innovations in messaging, and differentiation in the messaging experience through value added enhancements that provide convenience and productivity.

Sherif Hamoudah, who is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Acision in Middle East, Africa and Pakistan said, “It is becoming very normal for SMS volumes to peak during festive seasons, mainly due to consumers opting to send SMS greetings because it is inexpensive, easy to use and supported by 100% of all mobile handsets in the market. One of the key drivers for SMS traffic growth in this market is the introduction of SMS bundles this year for the prepaid segment. With mobile users taking advantage of such bundles, SMS volumes are rising to new record levels to over half a billion being processed in just two days. These figures demonstrate that SMS is still the preferred choice for communicating and is set to remain the most dominant data revenue driver for Pakistan mobile operators.”

He also noted that “Operators too, are realising that SMS must be managed in parallel to its overall business.  By growing a messaging business on an open architecture mobile operators can rapidly roll out new services.”

Talking about Acision itself, he said “The scalable nature of the Acision SMSC means that operators messaging systems can effortlessly handle substantial increases in volumes of messages within seconds. As the world’s leading messaging company, Acision has extensive global market reach which means we have a better insight into the present and future requirements of mobile operators and mobile subscribers.”

Acision is the world’s leading messaging company, providing communication solutions for over 300 network operators and service providers globally. For more information please visit www.acision.com


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