Missing pages from the last 3 months

So I’ve actually been on a disappearing spree lately 😛

Anyway, so there’s been quite a few, and equally prominent things happening… While I was in Dubai, I ended up having an interview at Impact Proxmity. That was the 2nd day of Ramadan there, a Sunday (of course, a weekday), and Alhamdulillah it went quite well.

Many things happen in sequence, and since Umrah, I guess the only thing that was a high for me was that I was completely content with everything, Alhamdulillah. And although this is not 100% the case now, but then again, I am thankful that things are so much better that what I had expected.

At the same time, I do miss working with the social media in mind. I’ve also been working with an iPhone application support team. Thankfully, its going far better than I had expected, and its partly on auto-pilot. Though I must say I haven’t been able to keep tap of it.

My primary focus is now clearly my full time job, which is a Project Manager at Ovrlod, which is an outsourced operation facilitating Impact Proximity. While working here, I have now the opportunity to actually span beyond the normal scope of a Project Manager. I’m also responsible for managing the operations of the company.

Other than that, lately I decided to go missing from social media. Unfortunately, its become quite redundant, and I honestly when I returned after a week, I really didn’t see anything new happening, at least not in Pakistan. Anyway, maybe its time for a change on how things are done. Time for a change, people…

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