Do we learn?

While my blog’s domain name is due to expire, I can’t help it but reflect on a few things that have kept me quite stuck up. For one, I’ve been increasingly busy lately, so much that I barely get to spend a proper few hours at home. Friends, well I guess they’ve given up on me, since I’ve been barely in touch with anyone since the last whole month at least.

So that, and then my blog has been kind of been abandoned too, with very inconsistent posts, often something I’ve written some time back, or just a random thought occurring out of the blue that compelled me to write.

One such reason is that of Eid. Unfortunately, our people are facing a very tough time since the last 2 years. The rich are getting richer, the poor are barely making it through a day, and the middle class is being pushed all the way to lose their state and reach the brim of the poverty line. This obviously has led to many people to lose their balance and not participate as they usually would for sacrifice. They can’t… unfortunately they don’t have much to sacrifice at all.

For the rich, it is just another show and tell. As much as Islam forbids show off, even more people engage in this activity, that just makes the poor or those who can’t afford to spend like that cringe in their corners even further. What others don’t see is that you can’t push people in corners and keep them there for too long… a backlash will occur, and when it does, it will be too late for  a realization.

Anyway, so there are some who buy extravagantly priced animals for sacrifice. The question is, do they ever think that sacrifice is not a show, but a way of giving up what you prize the most, in Allah’s way. Hence, if a person can buy an animal for about Rs 1.4m, can he not use the same money to purchase many more animals, and distribute the majority of them among the needy? Can they actually imagine how much Allah would be pleased from this act? Is it not something that gets to their heads? I wish people actually do think first, before spending so lavishly and unnecessarily on something that could have been well spent on something not so expensive, and giving the rest off to those who actually need it most… and imagine the dua’s that these people will give away, just because they have been helped when they needed most.

I wish we could all learn… and that’s what my Facebook status says on Eid-ul-Adha:

wishes everyone, their families and friends, a wonderful and joyous Eid. May Allah the Almighty shower His Blessings, and give us the understanding and direction to follow the righteous path, and bring peace, prosperity and happiness in our lives, and those of our fellow beings. Aameen.


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