The change within

I’ve been missing on things far more than I should. Most often, I’m too engrossed with what I’m doing to the extent that everything else is just not there, despite being as loud or as disturbing as it can be. In a way, that’s good, at least I can concentrate. But the downside is when a person is trying to get a point across, and I absent mindedly bounce off to another thought and stay there for a bit, even though I’m very much physically present where I am.

Not sure if this is right… I think not. Though the good thing is it doesn’t happen with work. It mostly happens at home, or when I’m out attending an event or a gathering. Seems quite spooky at times too, when I shift out and back in within just a minute or so. What happens during that time and how much of an ongoing conversation I’ve missed, that’s debatable.

I’m not quite sure when this started, but it seems to be a sort of extension or possible outcome of an immensely multitasking self that I am. Not self-professed, it is a fact. I can easily manage 5 to 6 chat conversations without screwing up any one, nor let each of the people know that I’ve been talking to others at the same time. I’ve even done emails and chats, and emails and calls at the same time, without affecting the other.

Now though, things seem different. Though I can still multitask, and sometimes at such an accelerated pace that I can’t believe myself, I feel a sense of slowing down. I don’t know what the cause is. Maybe I’m not the same me anymore….


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