It all comes down to…

My nickname, which happens to be the domain name of this blog, came about quite coincidentally. I started with a small proprietorship back in late 2001, where we used ICQ to communicate with our primary office in London. I was the 13th person to join the business, and in all the enthusiasm called myself the 13th Warrior, an echo of the Antonio Bendares movie releasing around the same time.

My ICQ nickname, and quite by fluke I chose as MystaKool. There was no reason attached just that I thought myself as quite cool and comfortable with what I do, and I was as always interested in mysticism. The most interesting thing is that my colleagues and even my boss in London would then call me MystaKool, instead of by name.

This continued for the next few years that I worked there, the longest stay I’ve had with any organization to be honest. But as all things have an ending, hence my adventure with them also came to an end.

I used to write even then… I had a blog in early 2002 on a website I put up myself, then moved to Blogspot once I came to know of it. MystaKool revived again … this time in the form of a blog, and then also as a Twitter account a couple of years ago, which I closed down initially, then reopened later when it started making more sense.

Now I feel that MystaKool should be put to rest. The domain is expiring, and I don’t feel the urge to revive it again now. I will be making a back up copy of the entire blog, but not sure if it will be hosted anywhere or not… and if I do, probably with a different and less fancy or cool name… Not fond of fancy any more…

I have another domain,, which I had acquired for professional writing and sharing experiences and all, so far none of that has happened, and I don’t know why I just skip it completely. It seems I’ve lost my interest completely in being outward. Honestly, till 2000 I was never vocal, I was very quiet to the extent of not engaging in any conversation whatsoever until I was forced to. Yet I’d keep my opinions to myself, without airing them. Seems my mind is drifting back to where it was over a decade ago…

Thanks to everyone for reading through my ramblings and commenting, to whoever did actually visit my blog once in a while.

I wish you all very well…

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