Modern Day Marketing Communication Forum

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the event at the Avari, Karachi. Interestingly, it was organized by the MBA students of Szabist here in Karachi, as part of their thesis toward their graduation.

Though this was not the first of these kind of events, but coming from the student body of a university and with the objective of comparing and evaluating the differences and future of traditional media and the new media was definitely a first.

The students themselves were very enthusiastic to start with, and having attended a seminar on “Online Marketing with Google” just a day earlier at their campus, it showed that there was finally a wave of probably interested people who’d be adding value to the much discussed and highly misunderstood realm of the online world and what we can do.

Badar Khushnood was invited from Lahore to talk about how Google can facilitate in so many ways to do business online in the seminar held at the Szabist campus. In the main event though, a panel of seasoned professionals from marketing and digital agencies was brought together to battle out their views based on some popular excerpts from various articles.

I guess Umair Mohsin and Adnan Shaikhani, who are also among the faculty at Szabist are to be credited for this move and expansion in thoughts in at least one university. The second event, a follow up of the event, is due on the first weekend of March 2010; same location but hopefully more enthusiasm from the audience and marketers on the panel, and better coverage of the even altogether.

Rabia Garib, editor of CIO Pakistan, was also one of the panelists, and you can read her opinion on the event here.


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