Ufone’s BlackBerry Support vs Data / Service QoS

I’ve been using Ufone’s BlackBerry service for over 2 months now, and have been a user of Ufone’s service for over 7 years. Overall, I’d say that most subscribers are continuously satisfied by the SMS and call quality. I have been too, mostly. However, when it comes to regularly used Value Added Services (VAS) from the network, other than SMS of course, I’m not that satisfied unfortunately.

Over the years I’ve continuously complained to their call center and at the customer support centers about pathetic data / internet quality on their network, it’s been useless. Constant assurances over the years to be improving the service quality has just been talk, and nothing more. And now that I’m a BlackBerry user, I don’t even see a reason why Ufone has to provide the service, when only email comes through. I’m sure nobody want’s to pay almost Rs 1,000 for just receiving timely emails. Oh yeah, when I send an email, it usually takes more time, and sending failed is also a known issue.

Another issue occurred when I’ve now tried to port out to Warid’s network, and Ufone isn’t letting go. Why? I just don’t know. I’ve kept my balance in negative, and regularly paid up as soon as I realized that the billed amount is running in positive even by just 1%, just to avoid a port request rejection. But no, a mess up did occur, and I’m stuck with Ufone’s pathetic data service for some more time. What’s more, lately the calls have been bouncing off, voice chopping, calls failing… you name it and that’s been happening consistently on my number. I also got to know from a few friends that this has been happening to them too. Now I wonder what Ufone wants to give in terms of experience to those who are porting in to Ufone’s network.

Despite all this, I’d say that the overall customer support provided especially on the BlackBerry support line has been very good. Rather, really good. Regular follow ups, ensuring that the query has been closed within the mentioned time frame, and going to the extent of personally visiting and checking my device and upgrading it to see if it works better, or suggest a replacement / repair has been spot on. Especially 2 people worthy of mention from the Karach office, Shahzaib and Pasha had provided their own numbers to talk about any issues or any support they can provide, specific to BlackBerry handset, which is under warranty from Ufone.

I just hope however that I get ported out to Warid in the next week, successfully, and Warid doesn’t end up giving me a bad service. I’ve used Mobilink too, but most of the time I’ve just had a rough time.

So overall, good BB Support from Ufone’s team, especially the people I mentioned, but overall pathetic QoS… Warid, I hope you guys don’t screw up my experience and do provide a quality service, that most of my friends and colleagues talk about positively.


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