Car fix up

So I went back to the mechanic today, like after a good 2 months. Lazy me, he asked me to get the engine area cleaned up so that he could track oil leaks, but I was too darn lazy to do that.

Fact is, I barely had any time since the last 2 months, or in fact earlier too. At work from 9am onwards, and back home around 8pm. By that time, most of the mechanics or wash facilities close down, and weekends have been kind of busy lately too. Yeah right! Just being lazy actually.

So finally the car gets the much deserved attention, goes off to the mechanic to get treated, and also gets the necessary wash, so its all nice and spanking now 🙂

On the way back though, I preferred to use the public bus. Yes! No haggling with rickshaw or taxi drivers over such a short distance. Yes, it barely takes 15 minutes to get back to the office, and there’s no point letting them have something like Rs. 120 for a ride that I can easily get for Rs. 10. Yes, believe it or not, that’s the price I’ve paid for a one way trip. And not to forget ample space inside the bus that whizzes through the city, facilitating the majority of our city dwellers.

Not sure if any of you have noticed, that you really get to appreciate the expanse of our city through a bus ride. I say that from a geographical and cultural perspective. And you also begin to appreciate the number of people who work so hard to manage through the odd jobs that none of us would want to go through. But its the beauty of our people that they too are thankful of everything they get.

Anyhow, will see about the car later in the evening. Till then, back to work.


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