Difference of opinion on Islam

Here’s something I wrote as a comment on Facebook against a status which talked about banning headscarves in Australia, referring to a vote count on Nine MSN. Though I don’t quite agree with the way the person saying the other was ignorant, but then its all about clarifying a certain point.

The following is my argument on the same, and I hope I’ve done justice to it:

I’d like to differ a bit here. There are things you can and should adopt, for example all the good things from each culture and people are best to adopt. However, when we start adopting everything, good AND bad, then there’s a problem.

I’m sure your family when they migrated saw the many good things about Australia. Similarly, the person and his family would have seen many good things and opportunities that lay ahead for them. I have too migrated, and having lived in many countries, I can say safely that you can change just about everything within you, or around you. Accepting change is great, but the moral principle should be changing for the good.

Let me also tell you that Islam does not enforce women anything, it recommends. And its only due to the fact that God obviously knows what is best for each one of us. Yet, He gives us the right to choose between right and wrong. Islam is a guide light, however, if we choose to do bad things and misuse the guiding principles to our advantage and disadvantage the other, God will most definitely punish us. Consider this also that we Muslims believe that we are chosen ones to go to heaven. However, we too are 100% accountable for all our actions AND intentions.

Now if a woman decides herself to wear a headscarf, or a man decides to have a beard, let’s say if both are Christians or Jews or anyone whatsoever on this planet, what will you or anyone do? Persecution is not an answer to an issue. Just because someone thinks something is right, doesn’t mean everyone thinks its right. But then might is right at times, which beats logic and even the question of morality or ethics is quietened down 🙂

The only solution, which I’m sure you’d prefer to adhere to is live and let live? As long as whatever the person sitting across you looks like, but doesn’t do any harm to you or your neighbours, then its all good isn’t it?


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