Huff and Puff

So when Phet came through to Karachi, we initially saw a trailer, so to speak, on Saturday night, while the real deal was to occur on Sunday. Yes, it was delayed all the way from Wednesday, and then the amazing thing happened, it just skipped Karachi altogether, and headed off to the coastal plains of Thatta and Badin.

At 6pm on Sunday, the city saw the last of the rains that were to be from the much trumpeted and heralded cyclone Phet, which did quite a lot of damage to the Oman coasts. The same was kind of expected here. It certainly did take a desi approach to turmoil, the power in most part of the city had gone for more than 24 hours at a stretch, mine too was out for 25 hours. Though we did see a few of God’s most wonderful art in the sky, which I’ve uploaded to my Picasa and Facebook albums, and here’s a preview too.

DSC02805 DSC02819 DSC02824 DSC02836 DSC02847 DSC02868 DSC02869 DSC02872

My brothers, Ayaz and Ismail, and I took to some photography, and here’s what we came up with … the rainbow was a sight we saw for the first time here in Karachi I must say … really breathtaking and awesome. You might see some pictures not as perfect, but hey, this is just amateur photography at play 🙂

You can view the entire set here.


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