Belief and Marketing – failure to convince

It is very interesting to see how ill informed some people are, and their approach to Ishq so to speak has taken the wrong turn all the way.

Neil, thanks for putting the facts together. I as a Muslim can also attest to the fact that whatever Pakistan did by banning Facebook for our local users didn’t even put a slight bit of dent in its pocket. If it did, it was absolutely negligible, pocket change if you will, the kind you’d give to a beggar sitting at the corner of a street. You might want to consider what sort of financial value do we put up for the rest of the world.

Secondly, I would like to clearly state that in my honest opinion, this entire episode was staged to tell the world how much we as Muslims are worth detest. And unfortunately we have proven it really well. Not only did they get all the publicity and traffic they wanted, they unnecessarily created an issue worldwide for them to hate us. Cool isn’t it?

And yes, frankly, though there might be really great devotees of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we indeed did a big disservice to him too. I’m sorry but if this is what we have come to that we don’t find our own faults and always point fingers on others, this is NOT what we have learnt as part of our religious learning. I hate to say this but we really created a mess for ourselves.

If anyone is in their right minds right now, start thinking as to why all the wrong things happen to us. Its only because of our own actions and intentions that the result is yielded. Did we not learn this? Get the basics right, for once, and start fixing up things around you, Allah will definitely reward us, and the world will become a better place for all.

Remember one thing, and remember well. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was more of a practitioner than a preacher. What he preached was through his own practice of Islam. And when questioned, he used to pass his wisdom, that Allah had bless him with. So we should start doing what he did, this will show our beloved Prophet how much we love him, that we follow him and the guidance of Allah that he brought to us. Learn, people. These are the pure basics. If you fail this, I wonder how we will even qualify to be called Muslims in the hereafter.

So if you look at all the above, its also related to Marketing. If you want to create a better market for what you believe in, you have to start doing what is needed to make the other believe and convincingly close a deal.

You do the math…

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