Downright despicable

Over the last 2-3 weeks we’ve seen a few odd and unfortunate things that have happened. And the worst part, despite the fact that things could have been best managed and sorted way better, either in the past or currently, they were not. Thus lots of unwanted turmoil.

First the Facebook issue, unwanted and ridiculous actually, just hate it how things can get so worse. From my understanding of similar situation in the past, the entire episode of the threat over cartoons were itself staged, to fulfill the needs of the hate-mongers. Surely, they got what they needed, and our brethren fell into the trap right where it was needed. I need not say more, too much has been said, and I don’t want to just raise the score on search results by one more entry. And why should I? I don’t subscribe to the views of Facebook, nor the hate-mongers on either side.

The war crime that was further committed by none other than Israel was another blunder, thank God something happened that got hold of these guys for once. Years of war crimes and no one to take them to charge.

The most unfortunate event was also right here in Lahore, the attack on praying people was downright criminal and highly punishable. Period! Who needs enemies when our own have such pathetic mental states.

That’s all I’ll say… all of it, clearly despicable and revolting. I’m fed up of all this!


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