The degree of education

The first offence was to contest the elections without having a proper qualification, when the rules strictly required contestants to be at minimum a graduate. Through this, the contestants clearly fooled the people by saying they qualify, hence a major crime was committed by those that are currently at the helm of power. It was after all the thirst for power and the ability to abuse their rights that was making them do it.

I am not against democracy; however it is the true essence of the democracy that’s clearly missing. The West, who claim to be the champions of democracy and especially the USA, don’t follow the principles of democracy either. That’s as blunt as I can get. Sorry, I don’t accept and appreciate the kind of democracy that you yell out for, because you don’t know how to run it either.

The first and perfect democracy was under the rule of Islam, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and the four caliphs of Islam who were also the closest of companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) were the true champions of democracy, and it was during this time that people of all races and religions truly experienced democracy in its truest form, the foundations were laid. It was during these days that educationists, scientists, mathematicians and the symbols of world knowledge were born and fostered and given the best opportunities to flourish and take their learning to faraway lands.

Coming back to our own homeland, a host of these so-called democratically elected and qualified leaders are fighting a battle against disqualification of their office since they have committed a crime by abusing their power to have fake degrees issued to them, in some of them being in the most funniest of situations. On another count and more heinous than anything at all, is the fraud committed against the nation itself. And worse is that they are now using their influence to get rid of potentially dangerous people who could be the factors leading to their dismissal from office and/or disgrace in the public. This now includes the media that’s been reporting each and every report and bringing in front of the public what is the truth.

Yes I’d agree that in most cases the media hasn’t been very friendly with the nation itself. They have done what has helped them most commercially, or their personal interests. I would agree that there now needs to be a code of conduct that all media representatives and channels should adhere to. This must be unbiased and informed reporting, in the greater interest of the nation, not against its interest.

I am glad that these culprits are being exposed, and then becoming ineligible to stand for elections again (I hope so). Though doing away with the graduate requirement was also a strategy by Zardari & Co to allow their cronies to automatically get elected. However, they had contested under the previous rule, so the condition applies and their disqualification on the basis of merit is mandated and definitely what we all want.

I’d like to see all these corrupt individuals out of office, each one of them put behind bars and hanged if necessary for defrauding the nation and putting its future at risk and also adding burden through increased loans that we just didn’t need. Shame on them! Shame on the people who put them in power and support them!


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