Capture your BlackBerry

OK this doesn’t mean that you have to capture it, like you’d be playing a game or something. I’m referring to a feature that I’ve been looking around for quite some time, but as is the case with me, most things just get shrugged to the lower end of the priority list.

So today I did managed to hunt down an app that’s conveniently called Capture It. Apparently the app just does that, captures screenshots of what you want on the BlackBerry handset. So here’s what it shows in your options list.


Here are a few more samples, which you might like… a couple of them related to an app that’s due for a review post in a couple of days. I’ve used one of the convenience keys to trigger a screen capture. The signal is the vibration – at the end of the vibration it will store the images in the folder you’ve chosen as default for all your camera pictures, either on the handset itself or on the media card.

Capture12_36_57 Capture12_37_32 Capture12_37_50 Capture20_49_51

Just a preview, Face2Face is a social proximity application currently native to BlackBerry, iPhone, Andriod and Nokia S60 smartphone devices. I’ve been using it since its launch and other than some minor issues that I’ve already informed the team, the rest is all good. So the detailed review with snapshots will come through in this week.


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