Show off of money and power

Yesterday I came across this vehicle, a Hummer, license plate number BD-7789, on the Baloch Colony bridge. As is the general custom by some people, they tend to come from deep right to turn left or left to right, disturbing the whole traffic in one go, that’s what this guy did too, aided with his vehicle of private security guards trying to block any traffic that comes in their way.


At first I thought it was a police vehicle, so I gave way. but on seeing that there was no indication as such of being related to any police or security agency in the country, I was baffled as to how easily they manage to get away with everything. What is even more interesting is how the Hummer and its aiding vehicle were blocking the ramp leading to Sharae Faisal, such that only their vehicles traveled at one time.

I took the liberty of speeding up despite its aiding security vehicle, and came up in front of it. It kept its distance from me then on, but I had to take a snap and make sure I talk about this issue. I wish I could have just stepped out of the car, and told him off for trying to stop me, a taxpaying and law abiding citizen of the country, from using the roads that I’ve paid for along with every other tax paying individual and organization. They are not law abiding, and I’m sure they never paid a penny in taxes that was supposed to be. If they were, they would have had some respect for everyone else. Then again, does anyone have any respect for the other? A question I will always ask, because I don’t see an answer to it.

How often do we stop those that are wrong, to make things right? Or have we always been taking things so lightly, that even after 60 years we are still in the state of utter silence and content that “jo hona hoga who to hoga, kuch bhi karlo”. I guess we are all living in a state of lost identity and integrity. When will this stop? Or will we keep dwelling in our own silos?


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